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The House Bunny
Anna Faris, Beverly D?Angelo, Colin Hanks, Rumer Willis
Directed by Fred Wolf
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2008
93 minutes
Are you in need of dumb blonde silly humor? In her role of Shelley Darlington, Anna Faris shows us just how disconnected from reality the typical Playboy bunny she portrays can be. However, as The House Bunny progresses, we realize there’s more to this character and comedy than skimpy outfits and glitter.

At the beginning of the movie, we see that Shelley was a lonely orphan child who had the incredible luck of blossoming in her teens to later be adopted by the Playboy Mansion Family. After her 27th birthday though, she is kicked out of the mansion and loses all the glamour and expensive clothes. This clueless partygoer must now find her way into the real world.

She eventually stumbles on the Zeta Alpha Zeta sorority house where this unlikeliest of candidates becomes the sorority’s house mother. Why you’d say? Because she can attract boys… and with boys comes popularity, which in turn could help the sorority house get the required number of pledges to survive.

Will this apparently dumb blonde have enough resources to deliver? That’s what The House Bunny is all about.

Unlike other titles where I’ve seen Anna Faris, I must say that this movie is much less of a caricature of other movies. Yes, to some extent, there is a bit of  a “The Girls Next Door” satire, but not that much since Hugh Heffner and his 3 ladies actually appear in the film.

This comedy does seem to use a formula we’ve seen before. A group of unpopular intellectual kids team up with a popular adult to try and save themselves. This almost sounds like Drillbit Taylor. To The House Bunny’s defense though, I think this story still has great entertainment value. It’s not meant to be a movie that you’ll remember forever, but if you see it as light-hearted adolescent humor, it gets the job done. I particularly liked Anna Farris’ and Emma Stone’s acting performances. They carry the story for most of this movie.

The DVD offers decent special features. There are the usual deleted scenes, some behind the scene features with “The Girls Next Door” and other celebs, a look at Anna Faris and her character as well as interviews with the actors for some of the sorority’s other characters.

Oh! And girls, if you need help with a makeover, you’ll definitely want to follow Shelley’s advice.


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