My Mom?s New Boyfriend
Antonio Banderas, Meg Ryan
Colin Hanks, Selma Blair
Written and directed by George Gallo
Widescreen and Fullscreen
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2008
97 minutes

Meg Ryan is back to what she does best in My Mom’s New Boyfriend, a fun crime caper goofball romantic comedy. Banderas is great as an international art thief who falls in love with a very, very hot mom (Ryan) to the great dismay of her FBI agent son played by Colin Hanks.

Henry Durand (Hanks) is a rather uptight and protective son who finds it difficult to accept his mother is now a very hot babe. He is not helped much by his FBI profiler fiancée Emily (Selma Blair) who thinks Marty (Ryan) is a hoot. Things get a bit complicated when the bureau asks Henry to allow his mom to date the international art thief in hope of catching the entire gang. He is also ordered not to tell his fiancée what is going on.

This makes for many comic scenes such as the illegal Albanian restaurant, hide-out, crime lair, what have you Tommy (Banderas) takes everybody to for supper, Henry’s colleagues bugging his home and his mother’s bedroom, or the obligatory and not that bad car chase.

Laughs also come from Henry listening in to everything that goes on between Tommy and Marty, something the former is very aware of. Also fun are the robbery scenes.

There are a few twists and turns in Mom’s New Boyfriend you willingly go along with because the movie has charm and keeps you interested.

Underused in this romantic comedy is Selma Blair as Henry’s fiancée.

Special features include deleted scenes that are not that interesting and a making of thing where one of the producers claims she was the inspiration for Marty and everybody else says how wonderful everyone else is. Yeah, Right.

Watch the making of Mom’s New Boyfriend after the movie as it contains some spoilers.


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