The Big Tease
Craig Ferguson, Frances Fisher, Chris Langham
Directed by Kevin Allen
Written in part by Craig Ferguson
Warner Brothers 1999
86 minutes

The Big Tease starring The Drew Carey Show alum Craig Ferguson is a fun little comedy DVD. This is a short comedy where keep it simple but intelligent seems to have been the operating word. Craig Ferguson is great as Scottish hairdresser Crawford MacKenzie who mistakenly believes he has been invited to Los Angeles for the big Platinum Scissors hairdressing championship. He goes to L.A. with a documentary filmmaker in tow which gives The Big Tease its tone.

The comedy on this DVD lies in the many obstacles Crawford Mackenzie has to overcome before he can be part of the competition. He gets kicked out of the posh hotel he believes he is being lodged at, has to convince the contest organizer to let him in, decides to call in a favor from Sean Connery (he fixed the latter’s hair piece during a golf tournament), gets involved with a powerful L.A. talent agent (Sarah Gilbert of Roseanne fame) plays the agent’s receptionist, has to get a HAG (hairdresser’s guild) card to be in the competition but has to get a job to get the card, and ends up in a series of misadventures that are basically a sarcastic take on Hollywood and the fake rich people of L.A.

The baddie here, Stig -three time Platinum Scissors champion from Norway– is played more or less successfully by David Rasche who seems to believe his character is German and not Norwegian. The Big Tease features a lot of cameos, including one by Drew Carey in carrot-colored hair and one by David Hasselhof, that just add to the curiosity factor in this comedy.

The Big Tease is a fun comedy DVD movie that tells an interesting story without going nuts with over the top gags or scenes where the star gets to act out and chew some scenery. The contest itself is really secondary to the adventures of a nice Scottish boy in a very weird land called L.A.


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