National Lampoon?s Animal House
Double Secret Probation Edition
John Belushi, Tim Matheson, John Vernon
Directed by John Landis
Universal Pictures
109 minutes

National Lampoon’s Animal House Double Secret Probation Edition is just another comedy movie DVD re-released by a major studio to sell a few more copies and sucker some die-hard fans of the movie. If you are a hard core fan of National Lampoon’s Animal House, you might enjoy the extra features but will probably go to your other copy of this comedy DVD to watch the movie.

Although this is the classic frat house comedy and one of the best comedies ever made, you also have to realize that if Animal House had not been such a hit, we would not have then been bombarded with all the other National Lampoon garbage.

It is hard to understand how a special edition comedy movie DVD cannot include the widescreen version of National Lampoon’s Animal House (it is sold separately). Universal does boast this Animal House release is digitally remastered with “better-than-original picture quality and 5.1 Audio” but the difference between this and a previous version of this comedy movie is hard to tell.

Granted, if you do not already own a copy of this great comedy this version is just as good as any other, unless, of course, you want the widescreen edition. The extra features here are a mockumentary titled Where Are They Know where some of the actors do interviews as their Animal House characters and The Yearbook, An Animal House Reunion. Both of these features are a watch once and forget it kind of thing.


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