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National Lampoon Vacation Blu-ray
Chevy Chase, Beverly D angelo, Randy Quaid
Directed by Harold Ramis
Originally released 1983
Warner Home Video 2010

National Lampoon Vacation is a classic American comedy starring Chevy Chase as a well-meaning dad who takes his family across America on summer vacation. The National Lampoon name has become a kiss of death for any movie but in the beginning the comedies and Chevy Chase were very funny. National Lampoon Vacation Blu-ray is the same thing as the 1983 20th Anniversary DVD so you have to wonder why this release.

Vacation is not a totally family friendly comedy unless you want to explain to your kids why Beverly D angelo has her head in Chase s lap while he is driving. There are a few other things you may have to explain to the young ones. There is also some brief nudity.

This said it should not really distract you from enjoying this movie. Any family who has gone on a road trip will recognize itself here, sort of.

National Lampoon Vacation is by nature episodic as the Griswolds make their way across America, visit some relatives, pick up Aunt Edna (Imogene Coca) for a while, and visit various sites.

Of course the comedy is in the many mishaps they have on their way to Walley World, their ultimate destination.

This comedy may not be quite as funny as you remember it but it is very good.

Special Features on National Lampoon Vacation Blu-ray are a better than average commentary track with Chase, Randy Quaid, Anthony Michael Hall and Dana Barron (the Griswold kids), Harold Ramis, and the producer. There is also an introduction to the movie from the 20th Anniversary DVD.
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