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National Lampoon European Vacation Blu-ray
Chevy Chase, Beverly D?Angelo, Eric Idle
Directed by Amy Heckerling
Originally released 1985
Warner Home Video 2010
95 minutes

It is hard to see the point of releasing National Lampoon’s European Vacation on Blu-ray. The picture quality for this Chevy Chase comedy is no better than DVD and special features are limited to a commentary track by a semi comatose Chase. European Vacation is somewhat maligned as not being as good as Vacation or Christmas Vacation but this comedy really does have its moments.

National Lampoon European Vacation does have a few good moments: The beating up of the cabbie when the Griswalds arrive at their London hotel. Look for Robbie Coltrane as the man in the bathroom and Eric Idle as the cyclist. You can see the Stonehenge joke coming 5 miles away but it is fun.

The French are not known for having a sense of humor towards themselves. They purposefully mistranslate the encounter between the Griswalds and the French waiter. Try switching soundtracks just for fun for that scene.

Germany is perhaps the funniest part on National Lampoon European Vacation Blu-ray though the chase scene in Italy is also fun

In Vacation the Griswald kids (Anthony Michael Hall and Dana Barron) were somewhat useful comedy wise. Here they (Jason Lively and Dana Hill) are dead weight, especially the son.

National Lampoon European Vacation is a decent rainy day movie but on Blu-ray??
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National Lampoon Vacation Blu-ray

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