National Lampoon?s Pledge This
Paris Hilton, Paula Garces, People who should fire their agent
Misdirected by William Heins, Strathford Hamilton
100 long, painful minutes

National Lampoon’s Pledge This! is so bad even Paris Hilton denounced it. When the world’s worst so-called star slams and ignores a movie she was in because she claims there was too much nudity (a perfect example of irony) you know it has to be really bad. Of course the fact it has the National Lampoon tag on it is already a good indication this is wretched, vile stuff.

The plot, for want of a better expression, is that sorority queen Victoria English (Paris “where did that tape go again?” Hilton) has to admit a few of the so-called lesser people to meet the diversity clause in some important contest. The leader of the lesser people (a fat chick, an Indian, a fat and horny mother of two, and so on), One of the lesser people, Paula Garces as Gloria Torrez, of course stages a revolt against the queen bee.

Pledge This is another National Lampoon dreck that believes poop jokes, titties, racist jokes and names -the Indian girl’s name is Poo Poo– are what make for comedy. Other moments of so called comedy include an exploding toilet, the pledges looking for used condoms as part of an initiation stunt, the pledges wearing diapers and waving insulting signs, picking on the fat chick, and a couple of vibrator jokes.

The only realistic scene in this DVD is when Paris Hilton pretends to have sex but that is nothing anyone with internet has already not seen but with a more interested looking male partner who doesn’t say as many stupid lines.

The only reason National Lampoon still releases movies is twelve year old boys and rednecks can get dirty movies at Wal Mart.


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