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Post Grad
Alexis Bledel, Zach Gilford, Michael Keaton
Directed by Vicky Jenson
Fox Home Entertainment 2010
88 minutes

Post Grad is a wannabe romantic comedy aimed at twenty-somethings. This DVD‘s very episodic quality might aggravate some viewers but it is not anything the Post Grad target audience is not used to. However, it must put any logic or expectations on hold to enjoy this comedy as it delivers little on both counts.

Alexis Bledel is wasted as Ryden Malby, recent college graduate. She worked hard, got good marks, got a scholarship, got good marks, and graduated second in her class. Her dream job is to work for a publishing company. When she does not get that particular job, she cannot find any other.  Her best friend Adam (Zach Gilford) is in love with her but Alexis only sees him as a buddy. Adam, on the other hand, has reached his goal of getting into law school but is not certain that is what he wants to do.

Post Grad presupposed there is a romantic tension between Ryden and Adam, a tension created in part by what Ryden wanted, did not get, and how she reacts, and what Adam wanted, got, and does not necessarily want. The thing is that tension is not there.

There are also many scenes that set up something with absolutely no pay off either in humor or in story development or conclusion. For example the Malbys buy a pink coffin after they break it in the showroom, Ryden’s dad decides he is going to fix her car even if he has no skills to do so, Ryden’s younger brother has issues that are supposed to be funny.

In the end sh!t works out for Ryden for no particular reason in a story that was not really in this movie.

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