Ever wonder what happened to Biff in Back to the Future? He is now comic Tom Wilson and he is Bigger Than You, his first stand-up comedy DVD.

This is very funny and clean stand-up the whole family can enjoy. This most certainly does not mean Wilson dumbs it down or milquetoasts it. If you are looking for a DVD the whole family can enjoy, this one is it.

Tom Wilson opens Bigger Than You with a few jokes about being in Back to the Future. This includes a fun ditty about questions people ask him. Also funny is the routine about being on the acting school football team, the Fighting Thespians. I wished this bit had been milked a bit more but there you go.

Also on this stand-up DVD are a much better than the usual fare routine about being extremely white, a superb bit about the Irish, biographical material about landing on an aircraft carrier and trying to get roles on Broadway (“Sorry, we are not casting for a building.”).

Absolutely superb is the bit about being an asthmatic tuba player in the high school band and the competition against a Black high school (“the tuba players had rims”). This bit alone is worth the price of this stand-up comedy DVD.

Other excellent stand-up here include being a father of four, including 3 girls (“I own 37 Barbies in body parts alone”). You don’t want to know what happened to Ken.

The only weak bit here is about Costco. This is generic stuff and Wilson does not make it any better. Wilson closes with about 10 minutes of funny songs. I’m not a fan of the genre.

What I liked most about Tom Wilson and Bigger Than You is he managed to surprise me with quite a few of his punchlines and jokes. He also covers a lot of comedic ground absolutely seamlessly.

If you are looking for excellent, clean, intelligent, original stand-up comedy, this Tom Wilson DVD is right up your alley.

From the everybody’s an expert column: Tom, the band looks like giant Smurfs.

Bigger Than You
Tom Wilson
Stand-up Comedy DVD
Image Entertainment 2009
64 minutes plus extras.

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