Salvation Boulevard
Brosnan Smithee, Connelly Smithee, Gaffigan Smithee
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2012

A character is put into a coma early on in Salvation Boulevard. He’s the lucky one. The rest, and the viewer, have to plod their way through this comedy until the ending. Directors who wanted to take their name off a movie used to hide under the name Allan Smithee. I am surprised this movie does not star, co-star, feature, and include Brosnan Smithee, Connelly Smithee, Gaffigan Smithee, and Kinnear Smithee.

A former deadhead joins a religious movement headed by a charismatic preacher and becomes its poster boy. The preacher accidentally shoots an atheist. The preacher pins the blame on the deadhead and tries to have him killed. The deadhead’s wife believes the preacher and not her husband even if her daughter saw someone try to off  her stepdad the deadhead. I gave up after that. It seems there a blackmailer from Mexico, a security guard, and a corrupt cop involved at some point in time later on.

I rarely give up on a movie sent for review. Even more rarely if it is purports to be a comedy. I gave up on Salvation Boulevard less than halfway through. This movie does not even try to make sense, to have believable characters, or to have anything remotely funny or original.

The Boulevard to Salvation lies in avoiding this dreck.

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