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The Hangover Blu-ray
Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zack Galifianakis
Justin Bartha, Heather Graham
Directed by Todd Phillips
Warner Home Entertainment 2009
101 and 108 minutes

The Hangover is to guys what a chick flick is to girls. This comedy Blu-ray is a lot of fun to watch, even with Zack Galapsoriasis in it.  The Hangover is a buddy road movie. The Blu-ray features both the theatrical 101 minute version and the 108 Unrated version. This comedy is really not as raunchy as you might think, even with an R rating. There is very brief nudity and some swearing and adult language.

Buddies Phil, Stu, and Doug decide to go to Vegas for Doug’s bachelor party. They bring along Doug’s future brother-in-law Alan. Alan is a bit of a weirdo but the other three guys are quite ordinary. They wake up the next morning in a trashed hotel room that also features a chicken and a tiger. Doug is missing. Phil, Stu, and Alan spend the rest of The Hangover trying to remember and retrace their steps in the hope of finding the missing Doug and deliver him on time to his wedding.

The rest is a series of comic misadventures that involve a wedding chapel, Mike Tyson, a blackjack table, a mad oriental guy, a Black Doug (comic Mike Epps), a baby, a call girl, and a few other things.

The Hangover works because these comic events are well-paced and funny without being juvenile. This comedy also works because none of the actors are big-name movie stars which allows their characters to be as fresh as possible. The characters themselves are basically nice guys; it’s just that they can’t remember anything.

This Blu-ray comedy is for guys only, much like the trip to Vegas was.

I would still like to know why the chicken was in the hotel room.

The Hangover DVD Theatrical Cut Single Disc contains: Map of Destruction” (TRT 15 min) e-trace each step the guys took during their fate-filled evening. Three Best Friends Song” (TRT 1:52) Gag Reel (TRT 8:43)

The Hangover : Extended Cut DVD Single Disc contains: Map of Destruction” (TRT 15 min) “Three Best Friends Song” (TRT 1:52) Gag Reel (TRT 8:43)

The Hangover: Extended Cut Blu-ray Disc contains everything on the SD versions as well as features exclusive to Blu-ray and BD-Live, including: Extended and Theatrical Versions of the Film. More Pictures from the Missing Camera (100 Stills)  “The Madness of Ken Jeong” (TRT 7:38)  “Action Mash-Up” (TRT :30) Compilation of all the physical comedy from the film. Digital Copy of the Theatrical, Version Picture-in-Picture Commentary (TRT 101 min)

BD-LIVE EXCLUSIVE CONTENT: “Iron Mike Online Teaser” (TRT 1:40) The Champs’ rendition of “In the Air Tonight” “Cursing Mash-Up” (TRT :51)


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