Space Chimps
Voices of Andy Samberg, Stanley Tucci, Jeff Daniels
Directed by Kirk De Micco
Fox Home Video 2008
81 minutes

Animation looks great on Blu-ray and this is also the case for Space Chimps. This pretty good and family friendly animated film gets a little more kick out of high definition. Unfortunately, special features are close to none on the Space Chimps Blu-ray. This is a very imaginative, easy to watch animated movie that will not end up being a classic but is good enough to be a keeper.

Adults who watch Space Chimps will enjoy the story but will mostly get a kick out of all the references to other movies, space related or not. My favorites are the snakes from Tremors, the reference to Spock’s encounter with V-Ger in Star Trek The Motion Picture, and the “bad day to quit” joke in Airplane!

They will also enjoy some of the more subtle humor like “the Dark Cloud of Id from which nobody escapes” and the scene where the chimps are caught in it. Kids will enjoy the story and the antics of Ham III, the central chimpacter in this movie.

Space Chimps is the story of three chimpanzees who are sent by the space program to find out what happened to a rover NASA sent out and that vanished in a black hole thing. Ham III, Luna (who really looks like Dr. Zira from the Planet of the Apes films) and Titan land on the planet Malgor. The rover is now under the control of the evil Zartog who is using it to dominate the creatures of Malgor.

There is also the threat that when the three sons of Malgor reach equinox the volcano will explode and destroy the village of the good guys.

Space Chimps, Blu-ray or not, is good family fare. The wee ones might scared by some of the creatures. They pop up rather suddenly and are on the very toothy side. They will probably be just as enchanted by the bonbon colors in this animated movie.


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