Spring Breakdown Blu-ray
Amy Poehler, Parker Posey, Rachel Dratch
Directed by Ryan Shiraki
Warner Home Entertainment 2009
84 minutes

Comedies featuring Saturday Night Live alumn are at best decent enough. This is also the case for Spring Breakdown starring SNL’s Amy Poehler and Rachel Dratch as well as indie queen Parker Posey as three nerdish single gals who get a second chance at spring break. This Blu-ray comedy is light, somewhat raunchy fun and eminently forgettable. Take away the sexual innuendo and drinking from this R-rated comedy and you’d get a Disney movie for tween girls.

High school friends Gayle, Becky, and Judi are in their very late thirties, all single, and very nerdish. Becky works for a U.S. senator who might be tapped for the vice-presidency. She is asked to chaperone the senator’s daughter during her spring break. The three friends see this as an occasion to make up for lost time.

Spring Breakdown feels like a nice little comedy that got raunchied up to make a few more box office and Blu-ray dollars. The process did not work out that well. It is easy to see the original storyline where the three women in their thirties are paralleled by the senator’s daughter (Amber Tamblyn) and her two friends and the musical number at the beginning of the movie is echoed at the end.

In between these two numbers and a semblance of story line are various spring break scenes that are meant to be outrageously funny in a National Lampoon kind of way. Not really. This spring break is not wild enough to be original and not original enough to be really funny.

Spring Breakdown does entertain but in a second choice on movie night if you want to give your brain a rest kind of way.


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