Spring Breakdown Blu-ray
Amy Poehler, Parker Posey, Rachel Dratch
Directed by Ryan Shiraki
Warner Home Entertainment 2009
84 minutes

Spring Breakdown is the story of three nerdish forty-something single gals who get their first and only chance at spring break. Featuring Amy Poehler and Rachel Dratch of Saturday Night “Live” fame and indie queen and chameleon actress Parker Posey, this Blu-ray comedy is not particularly awful.

Gayle, Becky, and Judi are high school friends and still single at 40. How bad is their life? Their idea of fun is going to wimmin’s concerts and stay-at-home karaoke (which is worse? Who knows.) When Becky (Parker Posey) has to chaperone Ashley, a senator’s daughter played by Amber Tamblyn, to spring break, the three friends decide to become Nerds Gone Wild.

Spring Breakdown particularly thin plot wise. The girl being chaperoned and her two friends are photocopies of Gayle, Becky, and Judi. Gayle and Judi get involved in a lot of the spring break fun and this fills up lots of screen time with mildly amusing situations but does nothing to move what little story there is forward. The viewer is the only one who notices they are too old for this crowd. Gayle, meanwhile, can’t seem to break out of nerdom, and neither can Amber and her two friends.

It is hard to figure out why this comedy got an R rating. It says for crude humor and sexual references but there is nothing here that pushes this movie past a PG-13 rating. Of course, maybe somebody at the studio wanted the R rating to make Spring Breakdown wilder and more titillating than it really is.

Special features on Spring Breakdown Blu-ray include commentary track, deleted scenes, gag reel, and BD Live.


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