Corner Gas Season 6
Brent Butt, Eric Peterson, Fred Ewanuick
Lorne Cardinal, Janet Wright, Gabrielle Miller
19 Episodes 3 DVD
2008-09 Season
VSC 2009

Season 6 of the greatest Canadian sitcom ever is finally available. The Corner Gas DVD set features all 19 episodes of the last season plus extra features on 3 DVD. “Greatest Canadian situation comedy” ever is somewhat faint praise so let me amend this to the last season of a really original, smart, and funny TV show. A situation comedy that closed with more than 10% of the population watching had to be doing something right.

It is pointless to analyze why Corner Gas was so successful.  It simply was a well-written and acted situation comedy about real people, their foibles, and every day things the audience could easily share in and wanted to know about. It also avoided the usual Canadian sitcom trap of trying to be Canadian.

This also makes for very good DVD box sets. Season 6 is no exception.

Corner Gas Season 4 DVD Set review

Disc one of this Corner Gas set features a home movie, not that kind, that embarrasses Wanda until she gets something on Brent’s parent (there is one hell of a good visual gag in this one). Wanda starts rumors about some folks in Dog River with the logically comic result. Brent and Lacey become soccer parents. A tamaguchi drives Wanda and Lacey nuts and the cops win some meat. Wanda gets inside Hank’s head and his email account. The Leroys get a hot tub while Davis becomes a giant squirrel and Hank homeless. Finally, Oscar becomes convinced he is an American in a show you really have to be Canadian to really get.

The second DVD in the Corner Gas Season Six set begins with a bit of Rider pride, Karen reading some risqué stuff. The first lame episode Rock Stars features Gondon Pinsent in a cameo. In other shows Karen becomes Senior Rookie and Davis sells alarm systems to the Leroys; Dog River Days has Hank and Davis competing for who can be dunked the most, Karen gets a cat, and there’s a bit of an Archie comics spoof; Davis takes his coffee African-American after some sensitive training and Brent defies bad luck; a darker side to Dog River is revealed when Lacey gets help moving, Hank gets the hots for Emma, and Wanda becomes a biker.

Disc 2 in this situation comedy DVD set also features series’ 100th episode where the residents of Dog River decide to swear off TV for a month. This is a great episode.

DVD 3 includes the final episode, You’ve Been Great, Goodnight where Brent’s secret life is revealed. Other episodes have Brent becoming a food critic and R2D2 capturing bees, Brent and Hank trying to steal crabapples from the same old cool they used to steal them from, and Wanda going on strike while Karen misjudges a jam contest. When Wanda becomes an irate letter writer and Lacey, Karen, and the Leroys play charades this makes for a very weak show, as does the episode where Emma becomes a substitute teacher and Oscar eats a 30-year-old pastry.

A couple of lame episodes aside, Corner Gas Season 6 is a very enjoyable situation comedy DVD set.

Corner Gas Season 6 special features include Final Read-Through, the CTV Special It’s Been a Gas, cast interviews, and Craig Northey on the music used in the show.


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