Ron Jeremy, Rick Dawson
Directed by Chris Nickin
Phase 4 Films 2010

With such renowned thespians as Ron Jeremy (Terms of Endowment, 21 Hump Street) and Dustin Diamond (the original Chia head model and Screech in Saved by the Bell) and leads that do not have their picture on IMDB, you know Tetherball has to be something just too weird not to watch. I’ve seen a few no-budget comedies and this is one of the better ones. Of course, it  has lots of gratuitous nudity.

A morbidly obese loser, his just as obese brother, and two pals spend their days in a very small room cold calling t-shirts. Stuff happens, they challenge another bunch of losers to a game of tetherball, it goes viral, some sleazy entrepreneur (Ron Jeremy) and his step-son think there’s a quick buck in a tetherball league. Enter new team coach McAger (Dustin Diamond) to prepare them for the season opener in three weeks and exit new coach soon after.

The star of the team (Rick Dawson of fame and the screenwriter) soon finds out the league owner and his stepson are only interested in one thing: his mouth. When he does not lay for play, the guys have to dig deep and overcome adversity if they want to make it through the tetherball league playoffs.

As low budget comedies go this one really gets maximum on screen value for each dollar spent. The writing and acting are above par, the camera work is much above par for this kind of movie. Less impressive is the fact the scenes sometimes go from light to a bit darker and back.