Inside Amy Schumer
Seasons 1 and 2
3 DVD set
Comedy Central 2015

There is no way you can’t enjoy Inside Amy Schumer Seasons 1 and 2. This Comedy Central show features many different segments, a definite taste for the raunchy, a great and very talented star, and some excellent and original writing. I am not a big fan of skit comedy but most of it here does not overstay its welcome nor follow a predictable pattern. The Season 1 and 2 Inside Amy Schumer DVD set features 20 episodes on 3 discs. There are quite a few special features, the best being Amy’s full stand-up set for each season.

Some of the sketches are particularly good. I am a fan of the silent porn movie bit in episode 3 (Season 1) and its “I’m here to fix your Victrola. I hear there’s something wrong with the knob.” title card. It is also a rather clever adult film version of the evolution of movies. Also very good is the entire Sex Tip episode with its spoofs of various dating shows and women’s magazines.

The “man in the street” interviews where Schumer asks passersby some adult topic questions are also enjoyable but there are a few episodes where the results could have been culled more. Then again, there are a few occasions where the answers make even Schumer blush.

There are a few duds of course. The Nurses, a talk-show format skit about how nurses are more important than doctors pretty much fails miserably.

The other special features are the usual behind the scene stuff and a couple of deleted sketches.