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The Bounty Hunter
Gerard Butler, Jennifer Aniston
Misdirected by Andy Tennant
Sony Pictures 2010
110 minutes

There is a bounty on people who saw The Bounty Hunter and enjoyed it. The most original joke in this wannabe romantic comedy is when Jennifer Aniston comes to open the car door and Gerard Butler backs up. The second funniest joke is when Anniston tries to open the car door again and Butler nudges forward. That’s it.

The only good thing about this romcom DVD is the Rules for Escaping a Bounty Hunter special feature that shows the 10 least boring snippets of the movie. You watch that and you do not have to watch the movie itself.

Butler plays ex cop now bounty hunter Milo Boyd. Aniston is her usual bland self as ex-wife and journalist Nicole. Nicole misses her court date for parking tickets and so skips bail. Butler captures her and has to bring her back. Unfortunately, he takes a long time to do so. It seems a bad guy is after Nicole because she is investigating a case that a cop ruled a suicide. I did not know cops filled in the cause of death on a certificate.

A whole bunch of secondary characters are unfortunately involved in this really not romantic comedy.

The best part of Bounty Hunter is when the closing credits roll. You should skip to that as soon as possible.


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