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Deauty and the Briefcase
Hilary Duff, Jaime Pressly
Directed by Gil Junger
Image Entertainment 2011
86 minutes

Based on Diary of a Working Girl by Daniella Brodsky, Beauty and the Briefcase is a cute, light, entertaining romantic comedy DVD starring the talented Hilary Duff (Lizzie McGuire) as a spunky, young, and beautiful fashion journalist who initially bitches and complains that she can’t get a date. Apparently, appealing men are either taken, criminals, weird, gay or bastards.

Lane Daniels (Duff) is interviewed for her dream job by Cosmopolitan magazine editor Kate White, the sexy, stunningly beautiful even when understated, Jaime Pressly of My Name is Earl fame.  Here Lane finds a commiserative spirit.  (Now, if those women cannot meet men, the rest of the straight single female population is in serious trouble!  It’s hard to sympathize with their dilemma.)

Lane’s assignment is to go undercover in the business world to find her “magic man”,  her one true love. She must date only men who wear suits, and The One must meet all the criteria on her wish list, which include fashion sense, spontaneous travel to exotic locales, the ability to play a sexy musical instrument, and public fights followed by torrid make-up sex.

She lies and fakes her way into corporate America, where, as seemingly the only woman in the company, she is inundated with invitations and dates.  The trouble is, in the meantime, she has found The One, in the form of Liam (Chris Carmack of the OC), and dating outside the suits is not allowed.  What will she do?

There are bound to be some twists, but it is pretty obvious where the movie is going.  Still, Beauty and the Briefcase although not lol funny, is appealing and fun to watch.  It has good acting, a cute story although you must suspend belief on many occasions, an even pace, uplifting music, and gorgeous fashions.  It does, however, seem to borrow from Sex and The City.  It takes place in New York City.  Lane is a writer, she
has issues with men, AND she narrates!  She even sounds like Sarah Jessica Parker.

Billed as an ABC family movie, likely because there’s no nudity or profanity, the subject matter is not for children, and parents may not initially appreciate the values portrayed.  That being said, Beauty and the Briefcase does intentionally provide important life lessons.  It is worth the watch.

There are no special features to this DVD.


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