The Big Year
Steve Martin, Jack Black, Owen Wilson
Directed by David Frankel
Fox Home Entertainment 2012

The Big Year is a very enjoyable and original movie. It is an interesting mix of comedy, quest, and light drama. You would think a movie about birders would have a limited audience and interest but no. The Big Year stars Steve Martin, Jack Black, and Owen Wilson.

Wilson plays Kenny Bostick, birder extraordinaire who has the record for the most birds spotted in one year aka a Big Year. Martin plays businessman Stu Preissler who until now has always put his responsibilities in front of his childhood dream of doing a Big Year. Black plays Brad Harris, a semi-slacker who has not achieved anything yet and believes a Big Year is something he can achieve.

The competition between Bostick, Preissler, Harris is fierce but above board. Bostick must combine his birding with keeping his wife happy as they try to have a kid. Preissler must overcome his business partner’s constant demands on his time. Harris must overcome both financial problems and his dad’s disappointment in him.

The Big Year covers a lot of geographical territory and features quite a few birds. What makes it work is the lead actors and the story itself.

The Big Year is not the usual Hollywood offering and certainly worth the detour.


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