Tootsie 25th Anniversary Edition
Dustin Hoffman, Terri Garr, Jessica Lange
Directed by Sydney Pollack
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2008
116 minutes and many extras

Tootsie is a classic comedy. If you already have it though the Tootsie 25th Anniversary Edition DVD is only a good deal if you’re interested in the “Making of Tootsie” special feature.

This story about an out of work and rather difficult actor who gets a second career and, literally, a second life by transforming himself into an actress is a lot of fun to watch and Dustin Hoffman excellent in the lead role. Jessica Lange won an Academy Award for best supporting actress over costar Terri Garr.

I really suggest you view this added bonus before the movie like I should have. (No comment, please!).  We see the actors as they are today reflecting back on the movie. The love they have for the Tootsie character is quite evident, especially from Dustin Hoffman who was forever marked by this film.

We learn that the idea was based on real people although adapted for the big screen and so on. It is very interesting to hear how the movie was made, how the actors where chosen for the parts (like Geena Davis in her first role) and it’s more than 1 hour long. It is also refreshing to have actors who are still so fond of a movie and not disowning it like so many do today. It was an eye opener for me. I have more affection for Dorothy after viewing the Making Of.

The movie itself has not aged a bit. It is still credible and although we can not totally believe that Dustin Hoffman is a woman physically, he believes he is one and it shines through. It is one of his better performances and the great supporting cast helps.

The deleted scenes and the screen tests are however disappointing. I would have preferred to have seen scenes that made me wonder why they were taken out The screen test special feature is a rip-off.

If you’re a Tootsie fan the 25th Anniversary Edition is a must have because of the ”Making of “.


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