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Totally Baked Uncensored
Craig Shoemaker, Franklyn Ajaye, Tom Rhodes, Ron Shock
Directed by Lee Abbott
Salient Media 2008
90 minutes

You either like or really hate Totally Baked; the gratuitous nudity made it work for me. This pro pot comedy DVD is about as good as your average National Lampoon movie but with a smaller budget and lesser talent. It is very tempting to say this comedy about pot is as focused as someone high on weed but it is really the case. The movie is a collection of semi-connected skits with, for some reason, the odd bit of stand-up comedy tossed in.

Like any comedy skit movie, Totally Baked is a series of hits and misses. The hits outnumber the misses but not by a huge margin. Good bits include Alonzo Bodden as a pro pot athlete on a sports show, Marianne Curran as a very bizarre version of Martha Stewart measuring out overdose portions of various drugs to prove a point,

The weak element in this weedomedy is the central story of two “medical marijuana” activists on the lam holding a debate team reunion hostage. The acting skills of the activists leave a lot to be desired and the story itself is too long. The little old lady skit is a disaster.

Totally Baked is a bit didactic but gets away with it most of the time. The point constantly being made is approved drugs of many kinds are more dangerous that marijuana which is a type 1 controlled substance. A lot more could have been done on how big oil, DuPont Chemicals and Hearst (yes, of Citizen Kane fame) got hemp criminalized so they could make more money with nylon and paper.

Particularly annoying is how this comedy totally destroys Ron Shock’s famous World’s Best Dope Story. Various other comics like Tom Rhodes, Dan Gabriel, and Franklyn Ajaye also appear a few times with some pot jokes.

What’s with the guy in white face with the fez?

Totally Baked: If you like National Lampoon style comedy movies, you’ll enjoy this one.


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