Half Baked – Fully Baked Edition
Dave Chappelle, Harland Williams, Jim Breuer
Many cameos
83 minutes

George Carlin once joked the reason pot has not been legalized is marijuana smokers forget where they leave the petitions. Perhaps this is why all pot movies  use the same jokes, same cliché characters, and same comedic situations. Like pot, Half Baked, even if it is the Fully Baked Edition, is not addictive.

Dave Chappelle is his usual talented funny self in this mess of a comedy that seems to have been written by a bunch of stoners on various substances on various days. There are too many styles of humor in tHalf Baked for it to work.

The plot, thankfully, is basically simple: a group of pot smoking friends go into business selling research quality dope to bail out their friend (the very funny and definitely underused Harland Williams) who is in jail for killing a cop -well, he fed too many sweets to a diabetic horse of a mounted policeman. You get the usual pop references, pot jokes, bad puns, and so on. Painful to watch is Jim Breuer as one of the potheads. This guy’s acting abilities seem limited to badly done goofy expressions and hand movements copied from a thousand other stoner movies

What makes this supposedly funny comedy semi-interesting is some of the writing (Chappelle works at the Frankensense and Burr Pharmaceutical Corporation) and the many cameos by people such as Willie Nelson, Tommy Chong, Jon Stewart, Bob Saget, the once again not very funny Janeane Garofalo, Snoop Dogg, Stephen Baldwin, and Steven Wright as the guy on the couch.

The best moments in this very segmented movie remind you of some of the clips on the Chappelle Show, the rest of the movie just looks like a bunch of scenes spliced together to get you to the next hopefully hilarious but rarely so next scene.

The extras on this DVD are, like the movie, pretty much a waste of time unless you are on some really good stuff when even the Olsen twins can make you laugh


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