That’s how daddy does it by stand-up comic Steve Trevino is a very good small label stand-up comedy CD that is just this side of excellent.

Trevino is a Latino comic who knows how to play a crowd, gets away with a lot of raunchy material, and gives the impression he is riffing with the crowd when, in reality, a lot of it is part of his established routine.

That’s how daddy does it opens strong with material on rednecks and Mexicans and how they are alike. This is very good and original observational comedy. Part of this bit is track 4, Mexican Women, on why Latinos do not live in trailer homes, a very original and funny track.

Unfortunately, Trevino cannot keep his comedy level at that high a level and soon goes for the lowest common denominator in stand-up: taking a shit (and its second cousin, fat people). Steve Trevino’s observational comedy skills do go up a couple of notches with The Ducks on how a group of women together relies on a group leader to decide its behavior.

The bits about drinking are where That’s how daddy does it fails from being excellent. Jokes about puking and the accompanying sound effects most certainly do not do it for me. This is a shame because otherwise Trevino’s observations on the behavior of drunk men and women is good dirty comedy.

Trevino moves on to a couple of routines about sex that are definitely adult material and very funny. Women Are Insane and How To Get Laid will shock a lot of comedy fans but this is good club material for a late show. Trevino also pushes the envelope with Black Guys and My Roommate where he does some edgy racial humor and gets away with it.

You have to give due credit where credit is due. Trevino is working with a very loose audience on That’s how daddy does it and this leads the audience to try and get in on the show. Steve Trevino handles the crowd brilliantly and seamlessly taking his material where the audience leads him.

That’s how daddy does it is a very good if slightly flawed stand-up comedy CD. The sound is excellent, the comic is hot, some of the material simply does not float my boat.

that’s how daddy does it
Steve Trevino
Stand-up comedy CD
Surveillance Records
49:40 minutes

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