With Jeff Foxworthy, and Here’s Your Sign Bill Engvall is the more interesting and clean comic of the Blue Collar Comedy group.  Engvall’s biographical stand-up is generally family friendly though a couple of situations are more adult audience oriented. On his 2009 stand-up comedy DVD Aged and Confused they are the Birthday Suit and the bedroom habits routines. Aged and Confused will certainly please the comic’s many fans.

Aside from a bonus Here’s Your Sign track on the DVD, this is the same material as the CD.

Bill Engvall Aged and Confused starts off with the comic doing something a bit different, stories from the newspaper. They are pretty good but Ron Shock does that better. The bit with the guy with the rock up his rear end is funny.

The routine on being in his fifties and looking forward to being eighty is funny. This segues nicely into stories about some of Engvall’s fifty-year-old friends and women. Next up is the disadvantage of being an empty nester, the hearing problem that causes, and how wives react to that.

Most shows feature a family vacation routine and so does this one. Unfortunately, it is not that interesting or funny. It makes up the middle third of Aged and Confused.

Quite funny is the birthday suit bit where Bill Engvall talks about what happens when you follow the advice in Cosmo.

The show closes with a bit on colonoscopy that really does nothing new with the topic.

Aged and Confused
Bill Engvall
Stand-up Comedy DVD
Warner Brothers 2009

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