That Ain’t Right – HBO Comedy Special
Bob Saget
HBO Home Video 2007
55 minutes

Bob Saget believes in telling the truth on stage so he keeps repeating, “That’s not funny.” This has to be the most atrocious, useless, vacuous, mind-numbingly stupid, grandiose waste of time ever perpetrated on a comedy stage.

It is available as a stand-up comedy DVD but that is no reason to waste your money. Saget, unfortunately famous for Full House and America’s Funniest Home Videos, spends an hour trying to distance himself from those shows by swearing and being as crude as he can possibly get. He opens with a short bit on shit. Again, Bob Saget calls ‘em like he tells ‘em.

I have absolutely nothing against filthy comedy. Masters of the genre like Darren Frost and Don Tjernagel are comics I very much enjoy. That Ain’t Right is the best example ever of a comic using dirty comedy as a crutch to support an absolute lack of talent and anything to say.

The one time Saget lies on stage is when he says, “the miracle of editing” in reference to a bad joke. The miracle of editing would have been to wipe the tape of this stand-up comedy performance clean, burn it, pour the ashes in concrete, and sink the concrete block to the bottom of the ocean.

There is a saying that if alcohol is a crutch, Jack Daniels is the wheelchair. If four-letter words are a comedy crutch, Bob Saget is the motorized wheelchair.



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