Philip J. Fry, Turanga Leela
Created by Matt Groening
13 Episodes 2 discs
Fox Home Entertainment 2011

Futurama Volume 6 Blu-ray features 13 episodes originally aired in 2011 out of sequence of their airing order. Created by Matt Groening of The Simpsons fame, Futurama is a fun if uneven animated series and the same can be said about this animated sitcom set. Generally though the episodes in Volume 6 are better than average. Futurama won the 2011 Emmy for Outstanding Animated Program.

Volume 6 disc 1 features the episodes The Silence of the Clamps, Mobius Dick, Law and Oracle, Benderama, The Tip of the Zoidberg, Ghost in the Machines, and Neutopia. Clamps where Bender testifies against a mob-robot and goes into witness protection is good. So are Benderama where Bender multiplies infinitely and Law and Oracle where Fry becomes a cop. The other episodes are okay-ish: Zoidberg has a great Rube Goldberg killing machine and Neutopia has a few good gender jokes.

Disc 2 has Yo Leela Leela where Leela creates a kids’ TV show and Fry Am the Egg Man where Fry gives birth to a dragon of sorts are okay-ish.

It also features All the Presidents’ Heads, Cold Warriors, Overclockwise, and Reincarnation. These episodes are much better. Reincarnation has the story animated in three different styles: early thirties black and white, 2-D pixel animation from early computer games, and Transformer style. Heads has the crew travel back to 1776 to fix a glitch in American history according to the Professor.

Special features for Futurama Volume 6 Blu-ray are commentary on all episodes; Professor Farnsworth’s Science of a Scene, Reincarnation explained, FAQ, and Deleted Scenes but BD-Live features.

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