Comic Chris Gethard (pronounced Geth-erd) comes up with an original take on the comedy video with Half My Life. The show is part documentary, following Gethard on the road to some 8 venues, and mostly stand-up comedy special. It sounds like a weird mix but the stand-up comic makes it work. Half My Life proves an excellent way to celebrate 20 years as a comedian.

The comedy tour opens with a pancake breakfast show that does not go as planned, Gethard then asks the audience what they would do if the apocalypse came.

The highlight for me on Half a Life is the Gatorland story. Gatorland is an alligator place in Orlando where Gethard went after the requisite trip to Disney. The place sounds so cool you will probably want to go there if you are in Florida.

Other solid bits include a story about a talk to expecting parents Gethard and his wife went to. This is not your standard aw shucks material. It is a little gory and quite funny. The punchline rocks.

The show closes with a bit on tossing ice cubes off a school bus. It is a great story. Once again, the punchline is perfect.

While most stand-up comedy downloads feature the same old same-o, Half My Life by Chris Gethard stands out from the crowd. This comedy show is well worth checking out on Amazon.

Half My Life
Chris Gethard
Stand-up comedy video
Comedy Dynamics 2021

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