Thug Thug Jew by Ethan Herschenfeld is an extremely smart and well written stand-up comedy download (and video somewhere on the 800 Pound Gorilla site).

Hershenfeld’s stand-up is a mix of observational and biographical material. The bit on abbreviations is great. The segment on being typecast as either a thug or a Jew (hence the title) when going on auditions works because of how well the material is written. In lesser hands, and I have seen a few, this would be banal biographical stand-up.

There really is something for every comedic taste on Ethan Herschenfeld’s Thug Thug Jew. My fave is Bernie Sanders’ Christmas album. Or is it the verbal repartee around ordering a plain bagel with everything?

Screw it. All of Thug Thug Jew is superb. Get it.

Thug Thug Jew
Ethan Herschenfeld
Stand-up comedy download and video
800 Pound Gorilla Records 2020

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