Tigre King by Canadian comic Hisham Kelati is a highly enjoyable and original stand-up comedy download.

Kelati is an immediately likeable stand-up and his material though sometimes standard fare is generally quite different. The latter is what a listener remembers most.

Tigre King opens with a few bits on weed: Legalization and why supporting your local dealer is better than buying from the government. This is followed by material on Hisham Kelati’s relationship with his white girlfriend. It is fun stuff.

The highlight and the heart of this stand-up comedy download is the last third or so of the album. Here Kelati talks about his mother. She was a tank driver in Eritrea and is now a nine-time Seinfeld trivia champion. The comic also talks about her reaction to CBD, her Muslim dog, and the various TV shows she enjoys. All this is superb material and extremely well structured and told. I only wished there was more.

I very much look forward to another comedy download from Hisham Kelati.

Tigre King
Hisham Kelati
Stand-up comedy download
Cottage Comedy 2021

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