Important Things With Demetri Martin
Season 1
Demetri Martin, Amada Peet, David Cross
Comedy Central 2009

Demetri Martin is a very likeable, low-key stand-up comic whose absurd observational humor and style bring something new to the comedy world. His new half-hour show Important Things With Demetri Martin which airs Wednesdays at 10:30 on The Comedy Network starting February 18th 2009, also brings a few new things to sketch comedy TV.

Important Things With Demetri Martin is fun to watch. Like any comedy sketch TV show, there are a few bits that run long, but overall this is a very funny and entertaining show. One of the main reasons Important Things works is it plays to Demetri Martin’s strong points and doesn’t force him into situations or characters foreign to him or his fans.

Each episode of the Demetri Martin TV show will be based on a theme such as timing, power, chairs. Based on the pilot, Timing, each show will include a comedy bit based on Martin’s stand-up, a few sketches, some filmed scenes, and commercial parodies. In other words, a little bit of everything.

In the first Important Things show the parody of the De Beers diamond commercial is dead on brilliant. This being a sketch comedy show, it unfortunately gets milked beyond funny. Other bits, like animated gags or the time machine sketch, are good too. The one lame, beyond lame bit in this show is the bit where Martin is doing some kind of Fame style dance in the streets of NYC.


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