Only Fooling Myself
Nathan Allen
Magic and Comedy DVD
69 minutes
Available at artist’s website.

Nathan Allen’s Only Fooling Myself is the hands down winner of the weirdest fucking stand-up comedy DVD of the year.

It is also quite entertaining if you are in the mood for something really unusual. Comic magician Allen spent all of 0 dollars recording his show and other segments on a cell phone and just a bit more on editing. The end product is a haphazard collage of show clips, clips from a phone-in with a static photo, a ghost hunting segment, and really cool how to segments. Don’t ask me why, but it works.

To add to the huh? Allen seems to have the attention span of a goldfish so aside from the How To bits many segments are one or two minute clips from a longer recording.

Magic is misdirection. My favorite segment on Only Fooling Myself is the one about how to pour water in a bag and make it vanish.

If you like offbeat stuff, don’t mind non-existent production values, and are a bit off in terms of your sense of humor, you will want to look into this DVD. Check out the clips on the Allen’s website first, or course.

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