Wow!!! Read my lips: Terry Fator is an excellent ventriloquist, entertainer, singer, impressionist, and comic. The winner of America’s Got Talent, Fator uses his many, many talents (and  a live band) to deliver a rock solid performance that can but entertain, impress, make you laugh, and make you feel good. This Terry Fator ventroloquist comedy DVD Live From Las Vegas is something you will be watching time and again and showing your friends not only because it is really good but it also makes you feel good for a while after.

Terry Fator Live From Las Vegas is good clean fun but it does feature a few innuendoes aimed at adult turtles, Vicky the cougar, and some particularly bad puns like Cowboy Walter claiming he is such a great lover he can put Carrie under wood and leave Clay aiken. Especially amazing is how quickly the audience gets into the Terry Fator ventriloquist act: one lady is caught moving her lips along with Fator – Roy Orbison – Winston doing Crying and the crowd immediately grooves along to the Bee Gees.

Comparisons between ventriloquist Jeff Dunham and Terry Fator are inevitable. I find Fator better because he doesn’t dumb down his act and aim for the lowest common denominator in his jokes. Fator also has a wider range both in supporting acts like Johnny Vegas et al and in the kind of ventriloquism and comedy he does. Fator can also surprise you along the way both with his talent and with the punchlines.

The Michael Jackson bit is a bit eerie and creepy post Jackson but the duo with Walter Airedale is fun.

Favorite bits include every one on this Terry Fator DVD. What particularly astonishes though is the audience participation bit: Fator has brilliantly solved the problem of getting the audience member to move his lips at the right time.

Terry Fator Live From Las Vegas is absolutely excellent, funny, and fascinating ventriloquism comedy DVD. It is also a great blues chaser.

Bonus features on the Terry Fator DVD include footage not seen on the CMT broadcast, audio commentary with Terry Fator, writer Rick Kerns and director Mark Goffman, audio commentary with the puppets, Chapter 1 of Fator’s autobiography Who’s the Dummy Now?. The Blu-ray includes more goodies.

Terry Fator Live From Las Vegas
Winston the Impersonating Turtle, Cowboy Walter, Emma Taylor
Maynard Tomkins, Julius, Dougie Scott Walker
Vicky the Cougar, Johnny Vegas
Comedy DVD Ventriloquism
Image Entertainment 2009
71 minutes

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