British comic and Montreal Just For Laughs Comedy Festival favorite Jimmy Carr is a smart, rapid fire short joke comic with a great talent for audience interaction.. This is what you get on Telling Jokes, his 2009 stand-up comedy DVD.

Telling Jokes is non-stop laughter with many special features including the half-hour Comedy Central Presents show. Warning this is a Region 2 DVD only.

The one caveat, for those who care, is Carr is an adult audience comic but not always and not in an offensive or aggressive way

It is hard to figure out why Jimmy Carr is not available on DVD in North America but the solution lies in one of those bargain basement DVD players. They are often region free or can be made so with a little bit of internet research.

Carr is very funny and very smart. “I was at the seaside recently, thinking about rising sea levels. This guy next to me was tossing stones in the ocean. I thought, ‘Well, that’s not helping.’” Or “Welsh was invented by a dad losing at Scrabble.”  These, of course, are the mild bits.

Telling Jokes is exactly what the comic does on this stand-up comedy DVD. Most are excellent, a couple of them may be considered in bad taste (but not by me), a couple perhaps controversial such as the jokes about Josef Fritzl which even include a callback.

A personal favorite is the church – chessboard bit. It is wickedly funny.

The show includes a question and answer period. This is the only part of the show you really have to be familiar with British pop culture to enjoy. It does show how quick Carr is on stage.

Telling Jokes also features about fifteen minutes of very funny one-liner relationship advice.The one weak bit on this stand-up comedy DVD is the series of fat jokes: “When she sat around the house, she sat around the house.”

Extra features on Jimmy Carr Telling Jokes are the Comedy Central Presents half hour show in New York City, Bonus material, and Jimmy’s Twitter Diary.

Telling Jokes
Jimmy Carr
Stand-up Comedy DVD
4 DVD 2009
90 minutes plus many extras

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