Recently Yanked Craig Ferguson goes to the birthplace of the American Revolution, Boston Massachusetts, to perform his first stand-up comedy special. A Wee Bit O’ Revolution makes for an entertaining stand-up comedy DVD that you will especially enjoy if you like a good yarn. A Wee Bit O’ Revolution is not a dirty show but this comedy DVD does have adult content and language.

Of late, The Late Late Show’s Craig Ferguson has been very rah-rah red, white, and blue; this is but a very, very small part of the show.  Ferguson opens with a quick story about being MC for the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Unlike recent such hosts his take on it is mercifully short and sweet. This segues very nicely into a bit of biographical comedy and a, believe it or not, fresh take on things that can put someone’s eye out that includes allusions to Meet Dave, Grey’s Anatomy, and Montreal.

This stand-up comedy DVD also features a solid routine on Ferguson’s favorite comedy target, Sean Connery and his international Scottish accent. Of course, there are also references to James Bond old and new. If you’ve seen the Just For Laughs TV shows, you might have seen an early version of this bit. The expanded version of the Highlander reference is excellent.

This is followed by a great autobiographical bit about rock concerts that will give flashbacks to any child of the seventies and some rehab stories.

The American in Craig Ferguson resurfaces in his shortish rags to riches story about coming to America and The Drew Carey Show. There is a too long bit on the size of his MacJohnson but otherwise this is good stuff.

The last fifteen minutes of this stand-up comedy DVD are a let down. This may be because the stand-up comedian premises with a bit on Hollywood entourages that would have been much, much more interesting. The material includes a routine about staying in posh hotels and San Francisco hotel porn channels, plastic surgery, and natural childbirth Hollywood style. Although Ferguson does a great imitation of a crazy Tom Cruise, his rant on him is quite banal and the Cruise vs. Brooke Shields references quite old.

Craig Ferguson A Wee Bit O’ Revolution is a much better than average comedy DVD that could have been really great. Special features include Ferguson’s 4th of July Faneuil Hall address that should be forcibly played to all right wing nuts as an example of what real love of country is. There is also a 20-minute interview about the 4th of July and his new citizenship.

A Wee Bit O’ Revolution
Craig Ferguson
Stand-up Comedy DVD
Image Entertainment 2009
80 minutes

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