The Jetsons ? Season 2 Volume 1
George Jetson, his boy Elroy, daughter Judy, Jane, his wife
21 Episodes 3 DVD
Originally Aired 1985
Warner Home Entertainment 2009

The Jetsons was a Flintstones spin-off that moved the concepts of strange inventions and theme-based vocabulary into the future. This proved to be a success. There are Flintstones fans and there are Jetsons fans; I know of few people who like both equally. Season 2 Volume 1 of The Jetsons DVD set features 21 shows on 3 discs. Special features on this DVD set are limited to The Jetsons Return to the Future, a look at the cartoon’s evolution.

Watching The Jetsons is a little weird when you notice how many of what were somewhat or very futuristic inventions are now every day stuff such as the owner’s manual disc, the GPS system in the jetcars,

Personal favorite episodes on DVD 1 feature Elroy finding a new pet, Orbitty, Rosie malfunctioning and believing she is going to be replaced, Mr. Spacely getting the Jetsons on a Family Feud like game show so his family can beat them, and the Jetsons being accused of stealing a jetcar.

The special feature on DVD 2 The Jetsons Return to the Future, the story of how this cartoon was revived 20 years after the original 20 1965 episodes, is really interesting. Especially good on this disc is Jetsons’ Millions where George moonlights and wins a jackpot. It makes up for the weakest episode on this disc and in the series, Far Out Father.

It is probably just me but I could not help noticing this bit of advice Jane Jetson gets so as to get George to buy her a car: “Dim the lights, put on some Venusian violins, then nail him.” (The Mirrormorph, DVD 2).

DVD 3 includes The Cosmic Courtship of George and Jane where George forgets is anniversary. This of course leads to a flashback on how the Jetsons met.  I enjoyed the “Count Spacey and his hit Saturn Doll” joke. The best episode on this disc is Haunted Halloween. This one is far above the usual Jetsons cartoon.

There may be a lawsuit in the works in Season 2 Volume 1 of The Jetsons. One of the computers, a male robot, is called Mac. We all know how proprietary Apple (registered trademark yada yada yada) is about its monikers but Hanna Barbera beat Jobs to the punch here and episode 2, Rosie Come Home, proves it.

The Jetsons Season 2 Volume 1 is the 1985 reanimation of this animation. The show is still good but purists will prefer the 1965 Season One shows.

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