Not being a Margaret Cho fan at all I reluctantly watched Beautiful, her 2009 stand-up comedy DVD.

I was somewhat surprised. Cho has stopped screaming her material –I still have not gotten over the experience of listening to Revolution– and this makes for a more pleasant experience. She has also, um, like, you know, stopped talking like a valley girl and this too helps. The material however is still weak and panders to her core audience.

Margaret Cho Beautiful was filmed 8 days before the 2008 election. The stand-up opens with a lame bit about eating Sarah Palin’s pu$$y and how McCain was not a good soldier because he got captured and is too old to be president. Her bit on her G spot is fun but even her core audience is somewhat taken aback by how quickly she segues into her ability to orgasm.

This is certainly not stand-up comedy for the faint of heart. Other routines include anal bleaching, her period, political sex scandals, three ways, going to India, wiping her a$$ (I’m not kidding), bear week in Provincetown, some lame political material that includes the original observation everybody in America is an immigrant, another bit on @n@l sex, straight and gay d!ck, her mom, and her vagina.

There are a couple of really funny jokes on this stand-up comedy DVD. The gay cruise bit is good, the explanation as to why Indian goddesses have six hands is brilliant, and the gay man going down on a woman is solid physical comedy.

This Margaret Cho stand-up comedy DVD fails because once you get past the shock content and pro gay statements there is very little else. Margaret Cho does not have a lot to say but at least she isn’t screaming it anymore.

Margaret Cho
Stand-up Comedy DVD
Image Entertainment 2009
86 minutes

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