Katt Williams Pimpadelic is a stand-up comedy DVD for fans only.

Williams is already a bit of an acquired taste when it comes to stand-up and this DVD, a mix of footage from a 2005 concert in Washington D.C. and candid camera-ish interview footage can only be really appreciated if you enjoy this comic’s particular style. This is definitely an adult audience show.

Pimpadelic feels and looks like a contractual obligations release. The show footage is grainy and the behind the scenes footage, which is always rough anyways, sometimes seems cobbled together (with some particularly annoying music in the background). The material here does not at first go far beyond ni—er malls and weed smoking. This is a shame really because when Williams goes for more serious stuff he is a much better and more interesting comic.

Case in point is the unfortunately cut by limo footage bit about buying stuff for his kid.

Williams is a good comic but his constant use of the N bomb, m@th&rf@ck&r, and so on is annoying. This is because Katt Williams uses the language as a crutch or solely as decoration. Personally, adult language does not offend me at all but it annoys when used in circumstances such as these. The interview footage on Pimpadelic suggests this stand-up is smart (and very full of himself at times) so you have to question his phenomenal use of blue language.

The behind the scenes footage also shows Williams cares about his audience. Too many people show up for a given show and Williams says he went out and apologized to some of the people in line.

The interview segment is interesting in itself as the stand-up comic comments on what it takes to be successful. I disagree with his definition of what a “real comic” is and not only because it is obviously meant to include him at the top of the list. Yes, Katt, comedy comes from pain but it is not because it comes from a less painful place that it is any less funny. Ever hear of Cosby?

The last fifteen or so minutes of this Katt Williams stand-up comedy DVD consists of other, older footage in an odd TV screen style box.

Special features are short clips deleted from the Washington D.C. show.

Katt Williams
Stand-up Comedy DVD
Code Black Entertainment 2009
90 minutes

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