Thank You Very Cool
Nick Kroll
Stand-up Comedy DVD
Comedy Central Records 2011
63 minutes

Watching Nick Kroll is like watching triplets with multiple personalities. Thank You Very Cool is a mixture of live stand-up comedy and inserted sketches featuring Kroll’s characters. This makes for a DVD featuring enjoyable enough stand-up comedy and about fourteen minutes of godawful, wretched, terrible, horrible, cringe worthy sketch comedy.

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After what seems to be the Comedy Central prerequisite lame pre-show bit this Nick Kroll DVD opens with security guard Bobby Bottleservice giving the audience some security instructions. His explanation of earthquakes is extremely funny.

This segues nicely to Kroll himself who does a better than it sounds bit on farting at the DMV and one on Nickelback. This is unfortunately followed by a skit with Kroll character Gil Faizon.

A pretty good bit of stand-up on Michael Jackson post Propofol is interrupted with a skit involving a woman going to the can and meeting Bobby Bottleservice: This is even more a waste of time than the previous one and that is saying a lot.

Other bits on this short of stand-up comedy DVD include being a comic, shopping at the airport and buying porn there (a topic that has been beaten … to death), drunk packing, and dating. Kroll doesn’t say anything new but it is funny.

Fabrice Fabrice takes the stage for three or four minutes. He is a gay cliché in search of material.

Kroll closes Thank You Very Cool with a routine on how cats are independent (really?) and one involving a cashier at CVS sort of.

Special features on this Nick Kroll DVD are deleted skits with the characters.


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