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Comedy Central 2006
42 minutes
43 minutes of extras

No Reason To Complain by comic Patton Oswalt is an excellent stand-up comedy DVD. Unfortunately, you have to sit through 4 infomercials for other Comedy Central releases before you can actually get to the menu and watch the show and I hate being force-fed commercials. Patton Oswalt is an original and very talented stand-up comic and No Reason to Complain proves it. This is a stand-up comedy DVD that is a keeper.

Perhaps what I most appreciated about No Reason To Complain is most of it is new material and very few bits from Oswalt’s comedy CD Feelin’ Kinda Patton have made it on this DVD. This is stand-up comedy for adults: Oswalt opens with a bit about porn e-mail so caveat emptor. This is not, however, all sex and four-letter words. Patton Oswalt is definitely an observational comic whose take on life and society is a little dark but very funny.

There are a lot of very good routines on No Reason To Complain so naming the best is a difficult task. Celebrity Face and Reality Shows is a very modern bit about our latest obsessions. The really killer bit on this stand-up comedy DVD is his brilliant bit on NPR. I have never heard another comic do this kind of material and it is hilarious not only because of what Oswalt says but also because it is so dead on.

Some material, not a lot, on this stand-up comedy DVD was originally on Feelin Kinda Patton. These are the tracks about midgets, 80s metal, comedy in the early nineties and Toronto open mic -which, to be honest, I enjoyed seeing and not only hearing as it really adds to the material-and liquor everywhere.

The only real weakness on this stand-up comedy DVD is something highly personal: I wish Oswalt had done more with the idea that a happy comedian is not a good comedian. I was definitely salivating at the beginning of this routine but it does not really go anywhere because it is only a single observation. Considering how good Oswalt is, I really would have liked him to get more out of this idea.

Much less impressive about No Reason To Complain is the editiing job some guy did. You get a rather long black screen where commercials interrupted Oswalt’s performance. This is just sloppy.

The really interesting extra feature on this stand-up comedy DVD is Comedy Central Presents: Patton Oswalt, a 21-minute show. For some reason, there are a couple of jokes that is bleeped. Oswalt does material about Easter eggs, Amsterdam and the Anne Frank house, television, obituaries, fake boundaries. This is an early set by this very good stand-up comic so though it is not as tight as No Reason To Complain it is still pretty decent.

There are seventeen minutes worth of deleted scenes from No Reason To Complain. These are just as good as the parts that were kept for the show itself.

The so-so extra feature is a bad tape copy of a short whatever it is (film or pilot for a sitcom) titled Food For Thought where Oswalt and some guy called Blaine Capatch work in a grocery store.

The really amazingly useless extra feature is more infommercials for Comedy Central shows disguised as short cuts from Drawn Together, Mind of Mencia, Reno 911, and South Park (a bit about Paris Hilton)


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