Broken Lizard Stands Up
Live, Extended and Uncensored
Steve Lemme, Paul Soter, Kevin Heffernan
Eric Stolhanske, Jay Chandrasekhar
Stand-up Comedy DVD
Comedy Central 2010
80 minutes plus extras

After watching Broken Lizard Stands Up Live, Extended and Uncensored you want to tell the comics on Broken Lizard Stands up not to quit their day jobs. These Broken Lizard movie actors or writers (Super Troopers, Beer Fest) take the stage of a stand-up comedy club in L.A. and turn that club into Club Dread.  This is a stand-up comedy DVD for really really hard core Broken Lizard fans only.

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Steve Lemme opens with a set about masturbation. The highlight is a scene recreating intercourse with a teddy bear.

This is followed by a Susan Boyle sketch where she reveals the many other things she never has in addition to being kissed. It involves crude sex jokes of course.

Some guy in a green t-shirt (Paul Soter) is next. He talks about the night time habits of other Broken Lizard people and does a lame bit of relationship comedy you’ve probably heard before and a horrible jury duty bit that relies of fecal matter and other such things for its laughs.

Also on Broken Lizard Stands Up:

A couple of lizards tell a story about Patrick Swayze even a Swayze stalker would find boring and badly told.

Eric Stolhanske also does a set about masturbation.

Jay Chandrasekhar opens with a bit about a threesome and then does a superb impression of a wannabe comic looking for some stand-up material.

Kevin Heffernan is the last solo act on stage. He talks about his nude scene in Super Troopers and his cock.

The show closes with the Broken Lizard crew telling the story of how they met.

Broken Lizard: Stands Up DVD bonus features are: “Backstage Pregame Long Cut and Outtakes;” “Live Super Troopers Sketch” re-introducing fan-favorite characters; “On the Road with Broken Lizard,” a behind-the-scenes look at the troupe with several segments including “Shopping with Broken Lizard,” “Erik’s Parrot Song” and “Who’s on First on Steroids.”


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