Two Broke Girls
Season One
24 episodes Two Blu-ray Discs
Warner Home Entertainment 2012

At the end of season one 2 Broke Girls are $249,073 short of what they need to start their cupcake business. Viewers should start a fund raising campaign so the girls can get their money and put this show out of its misery. This is a very lazy sitcom where no one seems to have made the effort towards an original idea and probably wouldn’t recognize one if it was naked, ninety feet tall, painted blue, and had its own searchlight. This situation comedy Blu-ray set features 24  episodes on two discs (or 3 DVD).

Take Facts of Life’s Jo and Blair, plop them in a Brooklyn diner, and you have the two leads in 2 Broke Girls. Add an Orientah managah, a libidinous fry cook, a Black character (Garett Morris) just because, and you have the rest of the show. The only difference is Blair, who is named Caroline in this show, is now penniless.

All of the episodes are basically about Blair trying to be good friends with Jo and Jo pretending she is really though and all that and doesn’t need anybody. Each show also features Jo, aka Max, mouthing off to customers sitting at one of her tables, a bit of sexual innuendo, an opportunity for Max to put down people better off than her, and a scene where Max is scared of success or some form of happiness.

The only variety in this situation comedy is the girls occasionally get an odd job to raise more money.

This show is so lazy nobody caught the glaring mistake in episode 3 where Max (the Jo character) identifies Bugs Bunny as the Looney Tunes character who always gets its head blown off by a shotgun.


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