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The Simpsons Season 20
Bart Simpson, Lisa Simpson, Homer Simpson
Marge Simpson, Maggie Simpson
21 episodes 4 DVD
Originally aired 2008-09
Fox Home Entertainment 2010

It is not hard to believe The Simpsons have been around for 20 years. Turn on the TV and there is an episode playing on a channel somewhere. The Simpsons DVD set for the 20th season features 21 episodes, 9 fullscreen and 12 widescreen on 4 discs. The Simpsons Blu-ray features 2 discs Aside from a preview of the Morgan Spurlock 20th anniversary program, there are no special features. Kind of cheap if you ask me. The cover featuring all of the Simpsons characters ever in a Where’s Waldo layout is cool.

Once edgy and very funny, The Simpsons have become everybody’s favorite pair of comfy shoes. They may be out of fashion and not look that good anymore but you’ve gotten so used to them you can’t give them up.

Season 20 of The Simpsons features pretty much of the same stuff as recent previous seasons: decent enough shows but not one that particularly stands out. There are however some great moments like Flanders the bounty hunter chasing Homer (episode 1), the Mapple gag (episode 7),

The best episode of the season is Treehouse of Horrors XIX that includes the parody of It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

The lamest episode of the season is on DVD 4 or Blu-ray 2 of The Simpsons 20th Season. Waverly Hills 9-0-2-1-D’Oh has Bart and Lisa transferred to a better school. This plot line has already been done a few times already. The crossword puzzle episode comes in at a close second.

The last episode of the season features one of the best opening sequences in the show’s history with a nod to The Honeymooners, The Dick Van Dyke Show, The Brady Bunch, and Cheers.

This DVD Blu-ray set is for more than casual fans of the Simpsons.

The Simpsons – The Complete Seventh Season

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