Archer Season 2
Sterling Archer, Lana Kane, Malory Archer
13 episodes 2 discs
Fox Home Entertainment 2011

Season 2 of Archer is much more even than the first and the writing has greatly improved. The highlight is The Placebo Effect (disc 2) where Archer has cancer, discovers his pharmacist was selling him placebos, and goes on a rampage to uncover the nefarious crime boss behind the substitutions. Gratuitous violence has never been that funny. Yes, the characters still yell for no reason almost all the time: this is this cartoon’s drawback.

Sterling Archer is an ISIS agent. ISIS is a private espionage firm run by Archer’s mother Malory. His co-workers include his ex the very lovely Lana Kane. Everybody at ISIS is dysfunctional and Malory Archer is a bitch on wheels.

Season 2 opens with a mission to protect a very promiscuous underage girl and playboy Sterling is chosen for the mission. One of the best episodes on disc 1 is Blood Test where the agent must prove he is not the baby daddy. Also good is The Double Deuce: Sterling’s majordomo is one of the last survivors in a WW I tontine whose members died suspiciously.

In addition to The Placebo Effect disc 2 also has Pam being kidnapped because Cheryl is filthy rich, a nod to James Bond Casino Royale with an episode set in Monaco, and White Nights where Archer wants to know if Nikolai Jakov (get it?) is his baby daddy.

Archer The Complete Season 2 ends with a two parter, a nod to Six Million Dollar Man, and a new character

The packaging for Archer The Complete Season Two Blu-ray leaves a bit to be desired as the episode list is printed on the back of the sleeve, making it hard to read through the case.

Archer – Season One

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