There is not a single weak moment on Alex Wood’s When You Gonna Be A Dentist? the comic’s self-release MP3 album. The young comic, he is in his late twenties, really knows what he is doing on stage and leaves you wanting more, soon.

Biographical material is only as interesting as the comic and his take on it. Wood brings a twist too all of his personal pieces. From pointing out that he may be living with three roommates but so is his married with two kids friend to a great story about a job interview at a book store and its very odd outcome.

Wood has a really superb bit on perceived and real racism in the Toronto subway that I think is bound to be something his fans request if they see him before a show. The Obama related material has a really good bite to it.

The material and language here is adult oriented. It includes a funny as hell routine on the “C word”.

The one story that does not really pay off as well as the rest of the set has to do with an late night experience at an ATM but that is only in comparison to all the other excellent material.

I would pay good money to see this guy live.

When You Gonna Be A Dentist?
Alex Wood
MP3 Album
Independent 2015

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