Childrens Hospital
The Complete First and Second Seasons
Rob Cordry, Erinn Hayes, Rob Huebel
2 DVD 22 episodes
Warner Home Entertainment 2011

Weeeiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrdddddddd. Really, really weird. Childrens Hospital is an Adult Swim situation comedy interstitial show.. The at first 5-minute and later 10-minute long episodes play like a hospital soap opera or prime-time drama with nods to ER, Scrubs, Dr. House, Grey’s Anatomy, Patch Adams, and MASH. This is over the top nonsensical stuff that keeps you watching in part because it is funny enough but mostly because of the weird factor.

The stars of this series are Rob Cordry as a warped version of Patch Adams whose laughter therapy kills every patient in his hands, Erin Hayes and Lake Bell as nurse roommates. One of them fakes her own death, the other gets pregnant after having sex with a guy who is aging prematurely. Megan Mullaly plays Chief. That character is a clear rip-off of ER’s Kerry Weaver.

Henry Winkler joins Childrens Hospital in season two and plays the hospital administrator. It is kind of cool to see him get bitchslapped by Megan Mullaly.

Unlike other web comedies that got translated to TV, this one works. It is a notable achievement to be able to successfully walk the fine lines between silly and moronic and funny and stupid

Special Features on Childrens Hospital The Complete First and Second Season are Adult Swim warparopunds, Dr. Owen Maestro Answers Questions From Kids, Rob Corddry and Cutter Spindell: The man inside the man behind Childrens Hospital, I Killed Cancer Music Video, Outtakes and deleted scenes, and a gag reel


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