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The Cleveland Brown Show  The Complete Season One
Cleveland Brown, Donna Stubbs, Tim the Bear
21 episodes 4 DVD
Originally aired 2009-10
Fox Home Entertainment 2010

The Cleveland Show is a Family Guy spin-off. Like a typical human situation comedy spin-off the show is decent enough but not as good as its source. For The Cleveland Show part of the reason the show is only decent enough is it is too close to a situation comedy with actors and not cartoonish enough.  The Cleveland Show The Complete Season One features 21 cartoons on 4 DVD. Special Features are better than average.

Family Guy Peter Griffin’s neighbor Cleveland gets divorced and decides to seek his fortune in California with Cleveland junior. They stop off in his hometown of Stoolbend,VA where Cleveland reconnects with the girl he had a high school crush on, Donna Stubbs, a single mom with two kids. Cleveland and Donna get married almost immediately and everybody moves in Donna’s house.

The Cleveland Show lacks the bite Family Guy has. It is closer to what The Simpsons have been like in the past five or six seasons where the occasional really original scene or gag is lost in a generally banal story.

It is rather telling that it is as hard to find a personal favorite episode than a particularly weak episode in this 4 DVD set. The seasonal shows like Thanksgiving and Christmas are a bit better. Cleveland’s Angels (DVD 4) is a lot of fun “There once was three little girls who it wouldn’t kill to miss a meal or two”.

Special Features on The Cleveland Show The Complete Season One DVD set include a bonus disc with clips from the show you can download on your Ipod. Each episode includes the original censored TV version. Some episodes have a commentary track and deleted scenes. Also, Christmas Music Video: “Get Your Hump On” by Earth, Wind and Fire; Special Featurettes Meet Cleveland and Making of “Get Your Hump On” with Earth, Wind and Fire; Table Read with Kanye West


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