The Awesomes
Prock, Mr. Perfect, Dr. Malocchio
3 Seasons 30 episodes 3 DVD
Mill Creek Entertainment 2018

Mix Justice League with the sense of humor of Drawn Together and you get The Awesomes. This cartoon about second-rate superheros ran on Hulu between 2013 and 2015. The Awesomes The Complete Series features 30 episodes on 3 DVD. There are special features but nothing to write home about. For those who care about such things, the discs come in a single case and stacked on top of each other: not a problem if you are careful with your toys

The Awesomes begins with Mr. Awesome retiring at the ripe old age of 90. Mr. Awesome’s son Prock, whose power is to stop time to deliver an external monologue, decides to continue the family business but has a hard time finding real superheroes. He ends up with a Swami type guy who can conjure up things that always look like his mother, a Japanese kid who turns into a giant sumo wrestler, a girl with electric powers, Muscleman, Concierge (the one who organizes things), a Flash type kid with ADHD, and Gadget Gal.

The villains are overall more interesting and imaginative. The main one is Doctor Malocchio who can hypnotize people. There is also a gang of evil plush animals, a gay Mafia, a guy who steals all the roses on Valentine’s Day, Seaman (make your own obvious pun here), and I.T. Team of geeks just to name a few. Hey, even Santa Claus turns out to be a bad guy who has hypnotized kids to eventually create an army.

The episodes themselves are overall quite fun to watch. Particular favorites include the one where Tim has to go to school and the team goes undercover to protect him, the one where the Awesomes get their own reality show “that people will put on their Netflix queue and never watch” and have to fight the evil Fishsticks aka actors dressed like fish who fight with sticks.

Season 3 of The Awesomes stands out from the rest as the episodes have a connecting thread: Mr. Awesome is now evil and running for President with the help of his son Prock who does not know about his transformation. The plot line brings a unity to the season the others do not have

The Awesomes The Complete Series is a solid buy for those who like quirky animated series.

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