10 Items Or Less The Complete First and Second Season
John Lehr, Jennifer Elise Cox, Greg Davis Jr.
13 episodes 2 DVDs
Originally aired TBS 2006 and 2008
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2008

10 Items Or Less is like being stuck behind a little old lady with partial paralysis on double coupon day. The Complete First and Second Season DVD set of this TBS sitcom reminded me of Check It Out, a dreadful mid-eighties Canadian situation comedy starring Don Adams. Come to think of it, Check It Out was better. It at least had the excuse of being a Canadian TV show. I am not sure what excuse there is for 10 Items Or Less.

10 Items Or Less star John Lehr has the comic timing of a special needs bag boy. The rest of the actors playing the Green & Grains employees are as interesting as a can without its label. This show is supposed to be 90% improvisation, so you get the picture.

This is a situation comedy with weak situations such as a bagging contest, a memorial in the bread aisle, a dollar wind machine with silver dollars, and an employee wanting to lose her virginity.

Even sound quality is remaindered in this sitcom. There are a few instances in season one where you can hear one character’s lines but not the other’s. Granted, you are missing witty exchanges like “Yes, you will.” “No, I won’t.” “Yes, You will.” (Season 1, Episode 5).

There are a few funny moments in 10 Items Or Less. In the pilot, the lady who is presenting Leslie the purchase offer says, “You are like a third world country and we are America. We will invade you, we will shoot you, and we will kill you.” This however does not make up for lines like “I am the Rumplestilskin of employee management.”

Season two is a bit better, but how hard could that be? One episode has Amy joining Greens and Grains. Another has Leslie believing having employees dressed in Renaissance costumes will help sales (but not the show).

10 Items or Less The Complete First and Second season features 13 episodes on 2 DVDs. It should have been ten items or less.

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