Get Smart Season 3
Don Adams, Barbara Feldon, Edward Platt
26 Episodes 4 DVD
Originally aired 1967-68
HBO Home Video / Warner Home Video 2009

86 gets eighty-sixed by 86 on Get Smart Season 3. The 4 DVD 26 episode set proves this situation comedy has not lost its charm, humor, or freshness thirty years later. Season 3 features some of the best shows in the series including an Emmy winning episode and a few big-name guest stars. Aside from this series, I cannot think of another situation comedy DVD set that will easily entertain 3 generations of the same family.

Particularly good episodes on Get Smart Season 3 DVD 1 are Maxwell Smart, Private Detective (It’s Smart to Hire Smart) where 86 and 99 get second jobs as private eyes and Don Adams gets to do his Bogart and meets imitations of Sidney Greenstreet and Peter Lorre. This show reveals how Max joined Control and introduces the “closet of silence”. It also reveals why Congress cannot cut the CIA’s budget: ‘Nobody knows what their budget is.” The first episode of the season where every Control agent has a double is also very funny especially because 86 almost gets eighty-sixed by 86.

Get Smart Season 3 DVD 2 features The King Lives episode with a cameo by Johnny Carson. Maxwell Smart stands in for the king of some country and Don Adams gets to do some swashbuckling. Comic Shelley Berman has a role in Classification: Dead. The Mild Ones is a fun Get Smart episode where 86 and 99 go biker or whatever sixties situation comedy saw as biker gang (including jousting with mops and bad dancing to awful rock music)

Larry Storch of F Troop shows up in The Groovy Guru, a TV version of 60s hippies and the first episode on DVD 3. Don’t Look Back is a Get Smart tip of the hat to The Fugitive with comic Milton Berle in a cameo; this is not a particularly stellar episode.

Regis Philbin appears in The Hot Line (DVD 4 of this situation comedy). Cesar Romero (the only good Batman Joker) shows up as a baddie in The Reluctant Redhead, an excellent episode with some great spy jokes like picture being behind the safe. It is also  the last episode of Season 3 of this situation comedy DVD set.

Look for Gordon Jump (WKRP in Cincinnati) as a cab passenger and Buddy Hackett as the ol’ Wilbur in the drapes trick in episode 5. Don Rickles appears in the two part The Little Black Book

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